Nagarkot Farmhouse Resort.


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Shaurya Kshatri steps out of the digital world to enjoy nature at Nagarkot Farmhouse Resort.


It's monsoon and it's off-season here in Nepal. The hotels are relatively unoccupied, the roads treacherous and views obstructed. Yet travelling can be quite a bit of fun even in times such as this. To enjoy a bit of elevation and spend a day or two away from this beautifully chaotic urban life, my friend and I planned a trip to perhaps what is one of the most secluded establishments in Nagarkot, The Nagarkot Farmhouse Resort..


As a result of continuous downpour, we had expected to ride through the muddy, rough paths of Nagarkot. But much to our astonishment, the road from Bhatkeko Pati was anything but bumpy. With a smooth drive through the blacktopped road we could see the hills of Nagarkot stretching above the clouds that obscured it. In the canals beside the road, children were trying to get their paper boats afloat. We passed through a roaring waterfall where locals were washing their clothes and the tourists were busy snapping pictures. However, our charming ride ended halfway through the trip as we neared the hotel. The green chilli and the bangles that our guruji had placed in the rear-view mirror dangled helplessly from one side to another along with us until finally we reached a sign that pointed towards the Farmhouse..


Being far and isolated from a lot of hotels and resorts in Nagarkot, The Farmhouse pretty much lives up to its name. Only in place of a farm, the resort lies somewhere in the middle of a jungle. As we entered the premises, the atmosphere was engulfed in fog and through a stone path that ran from the middle of the garden we could make out the shape of the resort with its bulbs shining in the mist. With only a few staff and an almost empty lobby, the place eerily felt like the spooky overlook hotel from the horror film, The Shining. We were warmly received by the staff and were given a charming room with a view. In fact from a place located at such a geographical vantage point as this, you will find amazing scenery any which way you go..


After checking in we went for a cup of warm coffee to accompany us in the chilly environment. As we sat in the restaurant, sipping wonderful coffee and staring out through the screened windows, it started raining cats and dogs. Although the rain spoiled our plans, there were quite a bit of things to do and observe inside. There were different paintings of Buddha and Thangka hanging by the walls of the restaurant. Books and board games were stacked in a shelf and we passed a bit of our time trying our luck in Ludo. With the rain showing no signs of letting up, the staff invited us to join them to watch TV. After a dose of WWE, we wanted to see some real action, so we switched to a ‘Kung Fu' film starring Jackie Chan called The Myth. The staff were generous enough to offer us coffee refills from time to time and it was nice to enjoy good martial arts with complete strangers..


In a brief conversation, the manager of the resort mentioned that the establishment is visited mostly by foreigners who wish to step out of the digital world and just enjoy the sound of trees, the chirping of birds and buzzing of bees. Most visitors here like to spend their time staring out at the horizon, with a book in one hand, and a beer in another. It was now time for dinner and we had wonderful pasta served with cheese toppings. The meal was indeed scrumptious and it filled us well for the night. Then we headed to our room and sat at the balcony sharing a few laughs when the lights went out. The rain had subsided by now and cleared the environment, so we were graced with what I thought was perhaps the most beautiful sight of the stars above and twinkles of the valley below. To top it off, there was something else that was twinkling out in the bushes. They were fireflies..


When I mentioned earlier that we had a room with a view, I was not kidding, for right before our eyes in the glow of dawn, we could see the very thing that Nagarkot is most famous for - sunrise..


Farmhouse is a 28-year-old establishment and may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the mesmerising views that it provides and the tranquil atmosphere it offers are enough reasons to visit the place. I highly recommend this place for a peaceful family getaway..


Photos: Ranjan Shakya / THT.