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  • Rooms

    The Farmhouse has four rooms with common bath, seven deluxe rooms and four rooms with attached bath. Cosy interiors are designed to blend with its unique cultural and natural surroundings. Each room has a view of the Himalayas.

    Dining Hall

    The Dining Hall has an open fire place. You can sit, read, play chess, look at the mountains or chat with the manager.
    Nagarkot farmhouse has a small stupa on the Hiltop.


    This Hall is perfect for our guests to perform yoga, meditation, or hold conference of about 25 people.

    Organic Farm

    The Farmhouse has its own organic vegetable garden. Sambhu K. Lama and his farming crew have painted more than 10000 trees of which 2000 are peach and apple.

    How to get there?

    1. Mountain Bike
    2. Hiring a taxi or one of Hotel Vajra’s cars
    3. Regular mini bus from Bhaktapur
    4. Deluxe tourist bus from Thamel

    Day Excursion & Village Walk

    Many day excursion can be made from the Farmhouse to Sankhu, Bajrajogni Temple, Changu Narayan Temple or one can follow any of the small paths through the typical Nepalese Village always looking at the snowy peaks of the Himalayas.

    On Clear mornings dawn uneils a vista of the estern and central Himalayan ranges, from towering Manaslu to the distant pyramids of Everest.

    Nagarkot Farmhouse is conceived by Sambhu K. Lama and Sabine Lehman of Hotel Vajra, creating a serenity from where you can experience Nepal’s natural heritage.


    Nagarkot Farmhouse, a lovely simple lodge isolated from the rest of the hotels on the northern side of Nagarkot is best for mountain views.

    A farmhouse in Nepal. Sometimes the best Hide-ways are the ones you’re least to the hear about.
    Nagarkot farmhouse, a renovated old newar house with raised ceiling, fireplace, a small library and a monopoly game is something special.

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